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We are local real estate investors with a genuine goal to help homeowners overcome their property-related issues while making an honest profit in the process. We present homeowners with several alternatives for selling their property. Based on your situation and your home’s value, we may suggest one of the following options:

● CASH: Our cash offers typically range from 65-80% of the property value, taking into account the condition and other factors.

● TRADITIONAL: If your property is in excellent condition and has substantial equity, we’ll advise you to list the property with one of our experienced local real estate agents.

● CREATIVE: For flexible sellers who are facing difficulties or prefer not to deal with agents or property showings, we employ inventive strategies to help them sell their homes and move forward with their lives.
Yes you can! The great thing about working with us is that we are real estate investors. You do not need to hire an agent to work with us. If your house is listed with an agent, we will work with all parties involved to ensure a successful closing.

property questions

We are actively purchasing properties throughout South Florida

We purchase single family homes, multi-family homes, town houses, condos. We purchase homes in gated communities as well as communities with age restrictions. We purchase homes in any condition- whether they need minor repairs or full renovations. We also purchase properties with probate issues, liens and violations.

At the moment we don’t accept vacant land or mobile homes.

No improvements are necessary- It’s that simple. We take care of all updates and improvements needed. We buy your house in “as-is” condition. Don’t waste your time or money on making the repairs when we’ll do it for you.
If any violations or liens are attached to the property our company will handle them for you.

We have creative solutions to help homeowners sell their house regardless of their financial situation. We will work with you personally to find a winning solution.

Absolutely! We utilize various strategies to help homeowners facing foreclosure sell their property, depending on their unique circumstances, we’ll work with you personally to find a winning solution.
Yes. We’ve helped many sellers that are in the foreclosure process. With your approval, we’ll contact your lender and structure a deal. Our goal is to make the selling process as stress-free as possible.
Yes, we’ve helped many sellers who are dealing with the possibility of a tax deed foreclosure. Instead of walking away with nothing, We’lll ensure that you walk away with the most money possible.

cash & closing questions

Absolutely not. Many people are curious about what their property is worth in the ever-changing real estate market. Call one of our agents today for a free, no-risk property analysis 954-932-8293. The Agent will be able to provide you with a competitive offer after conducting an analysis.
We usually get you a no obligation offer within 1 business day. Some customers have experienced processing time of 2-3 business days as we gather more information about the property.
All sellers’ situations are different so it’s difficult to say for your property. In some cases cash may not be the best solution for your property. We offer creative solutions to help flexible sellers who aren’t able to sell for cash
Lots of good things have an expiration date… and our cash offer for your home has an expiration date as well. Home values are constantly changing based on market activity, competition, and other factors. Our offer will expire within 5 days of the offer. However, you can always touch base with your agent to get an updated offer. There is a chance that the offer will remain the same, go up or go down based on market activity.
You’ll have the option to choose your own closing date, from 7 days to as far out as several months. We work with your timeline.
One of our experienced acquisition managers will take you through a property analysis. The agent will carefully evaluate your home as well as the area. There are many factors that go into the offer. We will give you a competitive offer while taking into consideration the area, recent sales, square footage etc.
We have a variety of post-occupancy options. We are happy to create a post-occupancy plan that works for you and your timeline.
Improvements or updates will factor in when coming up with the value of your home and the estimated offer. It is important that you share all major updates, such as updates to the roof, kitchen, flooring, windows, etc. In addition, any photos that you can provide will help the agent put together an accurate value and purchase offer
Every situation is different, we’ll work with you to make sure the closing is stress-free with no out of pocket cost expenses for you